Need to find missing debtors or individuals across Australia fast & accurately?


Caspar has been designed specifically with Skip Tracers and Investigators in mind. Our search portal gives you access to hundreds of millions of records both historical and current data, neatly all in one universe data set, searchable from a variety of parameters and variables. Our Online searching platform can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere around the world and from any device with an internet connection.



“Constantly adding new data streams for faster and better search results”


Caspar gives you the ability to do the following;

  • Reverse search on all phone numbers and other filters such as email
  • Usual searching criteria such as name; address; phone number; wild card searching and cross matching with smart filters
  • Display the results of an entire street with one easy search and sorting functions
  • Auto tracing feature with weighted results for inexperienced users or larger corporations who need to get through volumes fast
  • Relative searching and locating siblings with one simple search
  • Display the historical results of an occupancy history at a particular address
  • Display the historical results of an individual’s movement or resident history
  • Real Estate data (Sale & Rental) all conveniently tagged to the record neatly
  • Court Judgement Information
  • Deceased Estate records
  • Exporting and Printing of page results
  • ABN Lookup through our Commercial Search tab (linking persons to the consumer record)
  • User Account Statistics to monitor staff usage and productivity
  • Review your previous search history in activity and research quickly

For more information about our Caspar Online Search Portal or to register for a free trial Click Here

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To approved applicants on sign up. See link at bottom of page.
To approved applicants on sign up. See link at bottom of page.

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