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Latest News

Planning vs Testing

Whether it’s a product or a service, or an Online Platform into the market place, like our Quester Online Marketing Portal, there appears to be 2 very different points of view when it comes to delivering it to the market place. Many believe in extensive product planning that lay out what the company intends to do going forward…


Quester…Why it “will” become interactive

Since the inception of our Online Marketing Portal Quester, back in September 2015,  we have seen it undergo so many developments. Why so many modifications, inclusions or developments over 4 months? Put simply, we are listening to our clients as well as observing trends in “Bigdata” around the world as predicted by Data scientists. A little…


B2C data…It’s not all the same

Over the past couple of months, we launched a new product called Quester Online. A marketing portal that currently provides Australian B2C data leads for end-user clients such as Charities; Franchisees; Mortgage Brokers; List Brokers; Finance companies and other related industries. Since launch, we have prided ourselves on listening to our clients that came on board…