To approved applicants on sign up. See link at bottom of page.
To approved applicants on sign up. See link at bottom of page.

Global Data Pty Ltd introduces the Caspar Automatic datawashing facility that will analyse your bulk data files and correct, update and score the records demographically. The datawash system can process a whole book of recently purchased debtors or overdue accounts in order to obtain updated contact details and demographic scoring of each record.

This will enable you to reconnect with those debtors quickly and show you which ones should be pursued first. It will validate existing records, repair broken or invalid records, append new contact information and a whole lot more to empower you to get to the person you need to quickly.

Benefits of Datawashing

  • Ensure your address details are correct and up to date

  • Quickly identify customers or debtors who have moved address easily with our automated self-service facility

  • Highlighting geo-demographic at risk persons who have moved addresses

  • Reducing postage costs, printing and administration and wrong party contacts (WPC)

  • Saving employee resources to administer and handle postage multiple times or manually Skiptracing larger volumes

  • Increase your telephone contact effectiveness with accurate and connected numbers

  • Usually in excess of 30% to 50% new appended data is located on most uploads

  • Improve your contact and response rates dramatically

  • Easy to use Self Service datawashing facility interface on our popular Skiptracing Platform Caspar.
  • Easy upload of large batch files and processed in minutes.
  • Old data becomes new data literally in minutes.
  • Receive an assessment of invalid or broken records for free and analyse the report for self-repairing before committing to any payment. Others charge for this.
  • Accurate data. Our data has been tried and proven by large corporations against our competitors with higher RPC’s, more new unique contact details and higher volumes of data comparatives (400+ million records)

At Global Data, we are dedicated to providing you with bespoke solutions to improve your data quality and ensuring that it easily integrates with your CRM or any other data software platform you have. Contact us today and find out more.”

Datawashing appends the following New Data

  • New unique Mobile Phone numbers (Connectivity pinged for connection)
  • New unique Landline Phone numbers (Connectivity pinged for connection)
  • New addresses not previously known or the person may have moved to
  • New Email contact information
  • Records flagged with Court actions / Judgement indicators
  • Records flagged with Deceased person indicator to avoid sensitive embarrassing contact
  • Records flagged with Business ABN indicator to the actual person / consumer
  • Multiple contacts if available on the particular record
  • Geo-demographic Indicators flagged to all records, scored 1 to 10 for a better socio economic understanding of the person being contacted (Income, Expenditure, Employment & Education)

Decrease Costs

Avoid costly expenditure of trying to reach customers / debtors with outdated contact details. Understand the person you are pursuing or trying to locate to make an informed decision on whether they are likely to want your product or have the ability to pay the debt.

Australia Post has indicated that postage price per standard letter will continue to increase. The implication of this price increase is that your costs for direct mail will increase significantly, making your campaign ROI more difficult to achieve. Datawashing ensures little postage wastage and successful mail outs.

Prioritize with importance or urgency the High Risk and Low Risk consumers / debtors with our Demographic indexes on income and expenditure and save time by contacting the Right Party Contact (RPC) quickly and accurately.

Rich Data that enables you to understand your audience. Data that connects to the audience with ease. Our enhanced Australian Consumer and Commercial data adds value to your existing, older data that is in need of repair and enhancement. Our data is premium quality and updated weekly from over 100 sources, many unique or exclusive to Global Data.

Datawash / Cleanse Process

  • Import or Upload your data file to be washed into our Caspar Online (Self Service) Platform.
  • Map your file headers with our data headers (Caspar will in most cases match these for you automatically.
  • You will now be asked to Validate your file. This checks for any errors which may be repaired manually before processing (you can generate a free report detailing any errors located). The Caspar datawash facility will then continue and attempt to repair any remaining errors for you.
  • Confirm your datawash and select whether you would like all phone numbers connectivity pinged and then review the total cost of your datawash job
  • Continue with the Process button and your datawash will commence and be available for download, literally in minutes.

You will receive an on screen notification when complete, together with an email alert that your new data is ready for download. You now have a fully updated; appended; enhanced; verified and repaired data file in minutes. You can start making money contacting those leads with a high Return on Investment (ROI)

For a customized pricing plan contact our office.

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